Soil penetration poncelet equations

Such paths are called streamlines. Lead is an outstanding exception to this rule of thumb and is not a good liner material. In the conical liner the jet is not uniform in velocity along its length but rather decreases back from the tip of the jet. Thus, the Hugoniot curve implies two distinct processes: As was described in the internal ballistics of projectiles, if deflagrations are comparatively slow and the pressures are not excessively high, the reaction propagates by thermal processes, and heat is the important quantity.

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Bulletin of the American Physical Society

Dcloiultx Wtrh Nnhromr Bridge Wire. The combination of plasticity and incompressible fluid dynamics might be expected to apply to the stresses within the projectile provided that the deformations of the projectile are steady. This correction is derived by assuming that pressure will drop in proportion to the momentum acquired by the propellant gases. Warhead cases made of these materials fragment by tensile fractures. At one extreme, among possible deformations, the end of the rod flattens against an unyielding plate; at the other extreme the plate indents to take the shape of an unyielding rod; and in between these extremes the rod flattens to some extent and the plate indents to some extent. The Autodyn simulation code with the smooth particle hydrodynamic SPH method and Impetus Afea Solver with the corpuscular model are used and the results are compared with experimental and analytical results. There is no time for thermal conduction in the detonation process, arid the pressures are sufficiently intense to cause chemical decomposition and even ionization.

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The simple mechanical system for detonating the primer is shown in detail in Fig. Numerous thermodynamic and hydrodynamic details were required in order to determine t'ie shape and scale of the curve in Fig. These are all explosives to which aluminum has been added. The relation between pressure, the amount of charge burned, and the change in volume brought about by projectile displacement is derived from conservation of energy. I The major problem in determining the Hugoniot curve for a specific explosive is the calculation of r, and the constituents of the reaction products. The vulnerable components of an aircraft are comparable to those of the tank. Flow of Fluid Over a Projectile.
TagedPAlthough rather different from each other, all the curves have something in common: Following the publication of the basic penetration equations, the following sequence of publications document the changes or additions to the equations: The black powder is enclosed in an ignition tube that serves to distribute the flame from the black powder through the propellant charge. Thermodynamic principles can be applied to lind the relation between tne temperature and pressure, the physical properties of the products of combustion, and the amount ot heat released Ret l and 4. This particular stratification is representative of a soil in the vicinity of the Naval Weapons Center and is intended to show the possible variability of a soil; it is in no way a model of a soil.

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